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Precision light carpentry ... for over 40 years with precision!

Our strengths are the great technology in our production equipment and in the accurate service we provide to our customers!

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Vending machine housing production

realizzazione distributori automatici

Vending machine housings, usually installed at workplaces and communities, as well as in public spaces must be safe, durable and easy to use. For this reason, it is very important to use flawless machinery for their construction. Louis Carrara has over 40 years of light metal carpentry experience in the area of steel, iron, aluminium and pre-coated sheet metal works.

Located in the province of Como, the plant has a fleet of the latest generation machines, with machinery for the laser cutting of sheet metal, punching and shearing systems with large production capacities, as well as bending, welding robots and CNC systems ready to resolve any issues related to the processing of carpentry products. Thanks to this equipment, they produce highly functional and aesthetic housings for vending machines:

- snacks;

- Hot and cold drinks;

- Hot meals;

- Newspapers.

Our machines

Carrara Luigi, thanks to the quality standards achieved in time and to the professional staff, provides vending machine housings ideal for all kinds of needs. The company, taking up about two thousand square meters, has advanced and technologically updated machinery to address small, medium and large productions. The plant of Carrara Luigi also makes the production of punched metal sheets possible through the simultaneous use of fifty-four tools. Our machinery also includes also a Laser plant capable to work on iron sheets up to 15 mm, on steel up to 6 mm and aluminium up to 4 mm.

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