Carrara Luigi Ltd

Precision light carpentry ... for over 40 years with precision!

Our strengths are the great technology in our production equipment and in the accurate service we provide to our customers!

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Our headquarters

Carrara Luigi ltd, 152 via Luigi Boffi, Binago (Como)

Carrara Luigi ltd is located at 152 Via Luigi Boffi in Binago, in the province of Como.

Thanks to the quality standards achieved over time and high professionalism of the staff, the company is now able to ensure light metal carpentry products perfect for every need.

The company, which comprises an about three thousand square meter workshop, has advanced and technologically updated machinery at its disposal to address small, medium and large scale production.

The plant of the Como-based company also makes the production of punched metal sheets possible through the simultaneous use of fifty-four tools. Our machinery also includes also a Laser plant capable to work on iron sheets up to 15 mm, on steel up to 6 mm and aluminium up to 4 mm.

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