Carrara Luigi Ltd

Precision light carpentry ... for over 40 years with precision!

Our strengths are the great technology in our production equipment and in the accurate service we provide to our customers!

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Light metal carpentry products

High quality, precision and strength

carpentry work

All light carpentry products made by our company are of high quality, strength and precision, especially those related to the processing of steel sheets.

The production of light carpentry by the lariana company is performed on a property of more than three thousand square meters, located in Binago in the province of Como, home to a large-capacity production plant.

The main processes carried out by the company are:

  • ultrafast laser cutting on 1500 x 3000 work field;
  • punching and shearing for unmanned production;
  • robotic bending with press-bending and antropomorphic robot cells;
  • welding with modern systems like MIG and TIG;
  • manual and automated assembly.
Among the operations, we also need to mention the fastest laser cutting system in the world, with a working capacity of a thousand holes per minute.
By partnering with external companies of equal quality, the Como-based carpentry is able to provide its customers with surface and protective treatments, such as galvanizing and painting.
Carrara Luigi performs light metal carpentry continued on schedule, 24/7.
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