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Our strengths are the great technology in our production equipment and in the accurate service we provide to our customers!

lavorazioni di acciaio inox

Laser Cutting

The fastest cutting system ever for perfect and smudge-free cuts

laser cutting machine

For a perfect cut and flawless stainless steel, iron, aluminum or pre-coated sheets, rely on those who have the fastest laser cutting equipment in the world. We are talking of light metal structural Carrara Luigi, actually in the market for more than four decades, it specializes in sheet metal third parties. Through our most modern and technologically updated tools, the workshop can address the production of small, medium and large series for any customer requirement.

The main characteristics of the laser cutter - Syncrono Prima Industrie 4000 W TF - are working field 1500x3000 ULTRA FAST, acceleration> 6 g in real cutting conditions, 58.1 seconds for making 1000 holes. Cycle times much lower than the fastest laser machines on the market. Above all on thick sheets, this extraordinary and modern cutting system has been working in perfect correspondence with the required specifications, especially with the maximum safety and quality.

The laser cutting performed by carpentry Carrara Luigi guarantees work free of burrs on any type of sheet metal, also in the case of stainless steel. Cutting as well as punching, bending, welding and other work - such as galvanizing and coating - performed in our workshop in the province of Como, are aimed primarily at the production of housings to vending machines, ensuring the highest value for money.


Il taglio laser eseguito dalla carpenteria Carrara Luigi garantisce esecuzioni privi di bave su qualsiasi tipo di lamiera metallica, anche nel caso di acciaio inox. Il taglio come pure la punzonatura, la piegatura, la saldatura e le altre lavorazioni – come la zincatura e le verniciatura - eseguite nell’officina in provincia di Como, sono finalizzate in primis alla produzione di armadi per distributori automatici, garantendo un rapporto qualità prezzo di altissimo livello.

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