Carrara Luigi Ltd

Precision light carpentry ... for over 40 years with precision!

Our strengths are the great technology in our production equipment and in the accurate service we provide to our customers!

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Our company

metal carpentry

At our headquarters in Binago, in the province of Como, we use raw materials of the highest quality, which are processed by an automatic punching and shearing centre or with a high power laser system with high processing capacity: a thousand holes per minute. To date, this is the world's fastest laser cutting system.

For bending operations we use robots suitable for serial production, with the help of our staff with many years of experience, who are the fundamental basis of the company.

We are able to supply complete treatment through an extensive network of well-established partnerships with companies specializing in galvanization and coating.
At our headquarters in Binago we have three thousand square meters of built-on area.

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